Crime victim gives thief Facebook ultimatum -

Crime victim gives thief Facebook ultimatum

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A crime victim in Jefferson County tried to communicate directly with a thief by posting a message to him on Facebook. 

"So an attempt got made to try to get the person who was doing it to come out., 'Just give our stuff back you know, instead of getting caught,'" said the man, who asked us not to reveal his identity for his safety.

A couple of weeks ago several cars were broken into in the 700 block of Ridge Avenue in Festus. Residents on the street believe the same thief returned early Monday morning and stole a 2014 Jeep Wrangler. A different resident on the street told News 4 his father was the victim.

"He was in shock, couldn't believe it," said Alex Chotrow, the victim's son. "He's in denial. He said, 'No, it has to be somewhere around here.'"

The theft of the Jeep was the final straw for the man who created the Facebook post.

"It had gone too far," he said.

In the Facebook post, the man tells the thief that surveillance cameras were installed after the car break-ins and gives him an ultimatum.

"So this morning when you stole the Jeep, we decided to see if any of us got you. We did. So here is what we decided to do. You can come and return our belongings,up to and including the Jeep, and we will sell you the video. Or we can just turn it over to law enforcement. Tonight at 7pm sound good? Meet me at 6th and Ridge."

The thief didn't show up to make the exchange at 7 p.m. but the threat turned out to be just a bluff. The surveillance cameras, that were installed recently, failed to capture an image of the thief who stole the Jeep.

The man said, "It was worth a try and yeah was going to try whatever I could."

Festus police told News 4 they thought it was a dangerous idea to try to meet with a thief to exchange stolen items for surveillance photos of the thief.

"This is crazy. Turn it over to us, let us do the work," said Chief Tim Lewis.

The stolen Jeep is a 2014 Wrangler in gunmetal gray. It has a light bar on top and a winch in front. At the time of the theft, the Jeep also had Batman seat covers and a sticker on the side for the Twin Cities Jeep Club. The license plate number is KL6-D9K.

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