Getting off-site home to final destination is causing headache f -

Getting off-site home to final destination is causing headache for local woman

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Stephanie Babst purchased a plot of land for this home to be moved to near Bonne Terre. Credit: KMOV Stephanie Babst purchased a plot of land for this home to be moved to near Bonne Terre. Credit: KMOV

It's a popular home trend: Building a home off-site then moving it to the property of your dreams.

In our area, getting the home to its final destination is creating a stalemate between a buyer and a seller. Stephanie Bapst purchased a plot of land for a new home near Bonne Terre. The land is ready and all that's missing is the home.

Bapst purchased through Monty's Manufactured Homes, located in Cape Girardeau, but she said, “essentially Monty's is refusing to deliver it.”

Bapst said the problem is a hill, something she worried about before purchasing.

Bapst told News 4, “The first thing when we picked out the house we said our road is going to be a potential challenge, we need you to come and look at it before we do anything.”

Bapst said the crew from Monty's recommended widening the drive, and adding gravel, so she did. Customers even sign a delivery preparation notice that states a company representative will look at your property and inform the buyer of any adjustment that must be made.

“We have done all the work they have asked us to do and every single time they come out they say now we this, we need that,” said Bapst, “They feel they can't get it up the hill they are going to get stuck.”

Bapst said the dump trucks that delivered the gravel got up the hill with no problem. So did the concrete trucks when the pad was poured.

After spending $10,000 on the concrete pad, and several thousand dollars for gravel, Bapst said Monty's made another recommendation: Add another three feet of rock over approximately 100 feet of distance.

Bapst said it would cost another $15,000 to make the road more level.

For Bapst, that's not the issue, “If you want three feet just give it to me in writing you will guarantee delivery of the house.”

She's worried about spending even more money without a firm commitment.

News 4 contacted Monty's. A lawyer called back, saying the deal is off - and on the day of our phone call, lawyers for Monty's sent Bapst a letter.

The letter states "on June 7 it became apparent you are not going to properly prepare the site, and therefore my client cannot deliver the mobile home - and adds you are in breach of the agreement.”

So Monty's is canceling the deal and offering to refund her down payment, $1,500.

Bapst said the pad is poured to Monty's specifications, so finding a new dealer with a home that will fit will pose another challenge.

So she's filing a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General and the Missouri Public Service Commission. In Missouri, that agency regulates the sale and installation of manufactured homes.

Bapst insists she's willing to work with Monty's to find a solution.

A Monty's lawyer told News 4 Bapst kicked their crew off the property, something she denies.

News 4’s email to the attorney stating Bapst is still open to a resolution have gone unreturned.

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