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Early heat has brought 15-20 percent increase in mosquitoes

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Mosquitoes are out in force, and the early summer weather has made them worse than normal, causing challenges for people who work outdoors.  

“They are attracted to me more than other people, I feel like I just have such sweet blood or something,” said Donna Lamore, a volunteer for the Girl Scouts. “I smell really good to them.”

Lamore is outside every day battling the mosquitoes and has to use a heavy duty mosquito spray with deet. She has to apply it first thing in the morning or else she’ll suffer bites almost immediately.

The girls attending Lamore’s Girl Scout camp at Tilles Park aren't necessarily required to use bug spray though. It’s really up to their parents.

“The parents find a bug spray and insect repellent that works best for them and they provide that for their child to use throughout the day.” said Timi lamore, another volunteer

If you feel like the pesky insects are worse than normal, you are correct.

“We're seeing about a 15 to 20 percent increase this year and we're kind of attesting that to the jumping right into summer too quickly,” said Jay Everitt, technical director for Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions.

And the early summer meant they did come out sooner.

“The thing about mosquitoes is they’re gonna start to come out as the temperatures get comfortable,” Everitt said.

If residents feel like they can't enjoy their backyard because of mosquitoes, experts have a solution if bug spray isn’t enough.

“Mosquitoes need water to breed so make sure you're gutters are clean and they're not holding any water,” Everitt said. “If you have pools of water in the yard, or trash cans or debris that might be around the structure, make sure that you're dumping that out.If you control those things that will go a long way.”

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