Stenger 'bans the box' requiring criminal history on St. Louis C -

Stenger 'bans the box' requiring criminal history on St. Louis Co. job applications

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Finding work just became easier for some job seekers in St. Louis County. Officials made a change to help people who have a criminal history.

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger signed an executive order for the ‘ban the box’ bill on Monday. The order removes questions that ask about applicant’s criminal history on St. Louis County government applications. The move would only apply to the initial application and would not eliminate questions about the candidates' criminal background, but it would delay those questions until further along in the process. 'Ban the box' would not apply to jobs relating the criminal justice, for example, police work or those wanting to work in the court system. 

With this new push, St. Louis County joins a national campaign aimed to give people with past convictions a fair chance.

Just like Stenger, a Clayton wine owner is taking the same approach.

Wine Merchant co-owner Jason Main says he doesn’t take applications but always collects resumes at his company.

“We are always willing to consider strong candidates," said Main. "It doesn't really matter to us. We hire based on attitude and people who are passionate about what we do and like to serve.”

The wine owner says the safety of his staff is important but he won’t turn away any applicants.

“But at the same time, I am not going to turn down someone who think would be a strong addition to the team just because of something they've done in the past," said Main.

The city of St. Louis has already taken similar actions.

The city took measures to stop asking job applicants about felony convictions in October 2014.

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