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Woman says car with personal items inside was taken outside her home

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M One. Credit: KMOV M One. Credit: KMOV

A Shaw woman says several men stole her Jeep with personal items inside that can’t be replaced.

M One says she should be focused on moving but instead she’s been dealing with police reports and tracking down her red Jeep that was stolen in front of her condo.

“From that moment on my world has been difficult," she said.

Surveillance video from a shop across from her condo on Klemm and Cleveland shows what happened to her Jeep.

The video shows one person run towards the Jeep, and in a matter of seconds after getting the locked door open, at least five others come running up before getting in the Jeep and taking off.

One says because she’s in the process of moving, she had Social Security cards, birth records, passports, and other personal items in the SUV.

But it’s something close to her heart she’s asking the thieves to return.

“It's these folders with pictures that I am just so I guess distraught they can't be replaced,” she said.

Pictures of her late father, grandmother and other family members were all in the Jeep.

“Renter's insurance, insurance claims are not going to bring back those memories," she said.

After posting about the theft on Facebook some neighbors have found some items in nearby alleyways.

“That means a lot even though my Jeep is gone," she said.

The Jeep has personalized Missouri license plate number MO-ACDL.

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