STL Proud: Goalkeeper returns to his St. Louis hometown as part -

STL Proud: Goalkeeper returns to his St. Louis hometown as part of soccer team

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Tomas Gomez is the goalkeeper for St. Louis FC. Tomas Gomez is the goalkeeper for St. Louis FC.
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Tomas Gomez's home debut with St. Louis FC didn't go as planned Tuesday night.

“I didn't do my job tonight,” said Gomez. “I have to do better for my team but we will persevere and come back Saturday.”

But he's not letting one tough game hold him back from the pride of finally being back, playing in front of his home crowd.

“The whole reason I signed back in St. Louis was to play in front of the home crowd and see my family after games because I have a lot of my family members from St. Louis,” said Gomez. “I have aunts, uncles, my grandma, cousins, so for me, that's going to be big to be able to play in front of them.”

For the first time in seven years, Gomez is back playing for a team in St. Louis. The goalkeeper was a St. Louis Scott Gallagher Club product and played for the Webster Groves Statesmen.

“Can't even begin to tell you how proud St. Louisans are,” said Bill McDermott. “St. Louisans love their St. Louisans, Tomas, case in point. There's two or three other players who went through the system at St. Louis.”

Gomez's start with St. Louis FC quickly hit a road bump. Not long after signing in December, he suffered a hip injury that required surgery sidelining him for four months.

“For me, it was probably the hardest situation that I had in my career dating back to high school and college because, prior to this injury, the longest that I have ever had to sit out was two weeks,” said Gomez.

After a successful recovery and with the support of his family, friends and team, Gomez is getting re-acclimated to being back in the goalkeeper's box full time.

“That's way in that rearview mirror,” said McDermott. “He's just excited to be playing at home in front of family friends a place where he grew up.”

As Gomez continues to improve and readjust, his goal is to help bring pride back to the St. Louis FC for his hometown crowd.

“I do what I can to help the team make the playoffs because the last three years we haven't made it,” said Gomez. “So I know everyone in the staff, all the players, our number one goal is to get to the playoffs and show what we are worth there.”

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