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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watkins receiving payment in Greitens case

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AL Watkins. Credit: KMOV AL Watkins. Credit: KMOV
ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

In testimony before a committee of lawmakers Thursday, attorney Al Watkins said that News 4's Lauren Trager was present at his office when a delivery of cash payments was made in regards to Gov. Eric Greitens' extramarital affair.

Thursday, News 4 reviewed all of our video from that day and indeed found clips of Watkins appearing to receive some type of package.

News 4 spoke with the ex-husband on-camera for the story on January 9.

Within the first few minutes, our interview was interrupted as Watkins stepped out of his conference room. Our photographer briefly panned over to see a figure through the blinds.

News 4 believes Watkins received a package at that time. But we did not know then from whom or its contents.

News 4 asked Watkins what was in the package, to which he answered, “I don't know yet.”

News 4 then concluded interviews with the ex-husband and Watkins, both of which included questions about any potential financial gain from the story.

“My client has not received money, my client is not going to permit me to entertain going forward any of these commercial, charitable, sketchy, driven by political agendas offers until this interview is conducted and this story comes out,” Watkins said in an interview on January 9.

Watkins, though, did say he would be pursuing financial offers after the story, he said, which might be in the best interest of his client.

After the interviews, Watkins declined to tell us the contents of the package.

He indicated he would be in contact with law enforcement. At the time, News 4 was told officials would not confirm nor deny that.

News 4 asked in the weeks afterward the story aired whether not Watkins had been paid, to which he answered no.

We only learned definitely of any cash payments made to Watkins on April 23, when he spoke with News 4 and other members of the media on the courthouse steps, confirming he had received two $50,000 cash payments.

“You’ve told us since that you haven't been paid so was that not truthful before?” asked Trager, in that April interview. "No, that was truthful, because I haven't been paid, my firm has been paid. and to be honest with you, I don't know who it's for and to be honest, I am trying to be as candid as I can,” Watkins said.

News 4 has since learned that at least one of the payments was delivered by Scott Faughn himself, the publisher of the Missouri Times. He has claimed to be the source of the payments to Watkins. 

The House Committee investigating Grgeitens has been attempting to get to the bottom of where Faughn got the money himself.

To date, we've never seen what was in the package delivered during our interview, though Watkins now says it was a cash payment.

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