It's 'GLOW' time: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling return for ro -

It's 'GLOW' time: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling return for round 2

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(Meredith) -- Netflix’s feminist wrestling series 'GLOW' returns to the ring for round 2 of the hit Netflix series. 

‘GLOW’ originally ran as a women’s professional wrestling promotion in 1986. The streaming series today has reinvented the league’s early origins with a comedic twist.

Alison Brie, who plays Ruth, told Entertainment Weekly that the series reflects heavily on the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements.

“I feel with all these terrible stories coming out and reading about people’s traumatic experiences, you catalog your own and decide what effect they had on you. But then you do look around our set, and it’s the most welcoming, safe place to work. It feels… nice to be on a set like this while all this is happening. That starts with our female showrunners and our characters and us as actors. The women on the show really do take ownership of the set, and feel comfortable and powerful and not objectified. We’re comfortable in our bodies, comfortable in our costumes, and comfortable with ourselves,” Brie said. 

“When people say GLOW is hilarious, I’m like, ‘Oh, really? I feel like I’m ripping out my soul,’” said actress Betty Gilpin, who plays Debbie, of the urgent contemporary story set in a genre setting. 

“I think of the cast of The Handmaid’s Tale and the cast of GLOW as two groups of women that live in all of us. Like, hey: I’ve got a team of Sylvia Plath cannibals and I’ve also got a team of feminist Muppet clowns, and this whole time I’ve just been pretending to be Marcia Brady zoning out at brunch,” Gilpin added.

The new season slams onto the small screen June 29 on Netflix.

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