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Florida officials investigating live tiger at Miami prom

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MIAMI (KMOV.com) -- Florida wildlife officials are investigating after a live tiger was part of the entertainment at a prom.

Miami's Christopher Columbus High School posted videos of the tiger's appearance at Friday's prom on its Instagram account, which have since been deleted.

As the footage went viral, people on social media criticized what they called the tiger's apparent mistreatment.

The video showed the tiger pacing frantically in a cage on the dance floor as loud sounds from speakers boom.

But some students who were there say the entire thing is being mischaracterized.

In other videos, the tiger is laying down calmly in the cage.

The principal said the performance did not reflect the school's founding values or sensitivity to animal rights, and issued an apology to the school community and those that expressed concern.

Predators Unlimited provided the tiger as well as a lemur, two macaws and an African fennec fox.

The wildlife preserve has a state license to exhibit exotic animals, but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking into the incident.

Predators Unlimited has not commented.

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