Neighborhoods near Tower Grove Park targeted by thieves, vandals -

Neighborhoods near Tower Grove Park targeted by thieves, vandals, residents say

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Residents of the Tower Grove area and Shaw neighborhood are looking over their shoulders, locking their doors and some are investing in surveillance cameras.

News 4 has obtained surveillance footage showing vandals wreaking havoc on residents. The footage shows someone bang on a door and nearly fall on his face.

Tower Grove area resident Bradyn Oitker says the person responsible broke the screen door to his home.

“It is a little concerning people are just busting out windows for what seems like no reason,” said Oitker.

Police checked out Oitker’s door but are also looking into car break-ins in the Tower Grove area.

“I’ve had cars broken into a couple of times, cars put on blocks for wheels before,” said resident Kurtis Hall.

Hall said he was a victim of crime as recently as last weekend.

“I saw my car’s window smashed in and was like ‘oh geesh.’ I found I had some things stolen out of there. At first I did not think it was a big deal, but started adding up all the prices and replacing it,” said Hall.

It cost around $1500, he said.

A Shaw resident says car alarms were going off around him Thursday night, with some cars being vandalized.

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