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Homeowner shoots burglary suspect in South St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- St. Louis Police said a homeowner shot a suspected burglar in the leg overnight in South St. Louis. 

Dorothy Williams lives in the 900 block of Iowa and said she heard something shortly before 2:30 a.m.

"Well I heard pops, I can't say if it was gunfire or firecrackers," said Williams.

The 33-year old homeowner didn't want to be identified but told News 4 his alarm went off and he looked out and saw that someone had broken into his garage. He said he grabbed his handgun, went to investigate and encountered the burglar.

The homeowner said he told the burglar to stay put till police arrived but the burglar started moving toward him, so the homeowner said he fired a warning shot into the air. Then he said the burglar started running towards him so he opened fire and purposely shot the suspect in the leg to avoid killing him.

According to police the 22-year old burglar was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Neighbors don't have much sympathy for the wounded burglar.

Williams said, "Well then he had it coming to him because he had no business on that man's property."

Another neighbor said she thought the wounded burglar was the same person who broke into her home on a previous day.

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