Health department steps in after viral video taken at St. Louis -

Health department steps in after viral video taken at St. Louis market

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Kings Market. Credit: KMOV Kings Market. Credit: KMOV
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

"You can't sell our community old food," said Tramisha Shantell in a video shared over 3,000 times on Facebook.

The video highlights an issue Tramisha Shantell believes must be addressed.

"You can not poison this community and you will not poison this community if I have anything to do with it," said Shantell.

"Why haven't you thrown it away is the question?" said Shantell.

"We are taking care of it!" said a Kings Market employee.

Shantell posted the video of her intense conversation with a Kings Market employee over outdated products on the shelves Thursday.

"I was disgusted and I just felt that our community needed better," said Shantell.

Monday, the St. Louis City Department of Health stopped by Kings Market on the corner of Kingshighway and Cabanne for a surprise inspection after receiving a complaint.

"We looked through their shelves and they did still have some expired product," Amir Tibbs said.

Amir Tibbs is the inspector who went to Kings Market. She told News 4 simply having expired products on shelves isn't actually a violation.

"The FDA food code has no governance over expiration dates," said Tibbs.

Still, the business did have a number of other violations.

"There are holes in the ceiling, there's gunk on the floor," said Shantell.

Tibbs said she'll be revisiting Kings Market Wednesday to see if the critical violations have been corrected.

In the future, she and Shantell both hope more people will bring attention to issues they uncover.

"We really need the community to let us know if they see something," said Tibbs.

“I know somebody saw that before I did," said Shantell. "It’s time to start saying something."

News 4 attempted to reach out to the owner of Kings Market for comment, but employees said he is unavailable.

If you think you know of any health code violations, you can call the Citizens' Service Bureau at (314)-622-4800.

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