St. Louis native asking for help to finish police training -

St. Louis native asking for help to finish police training

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Corey Hawkins-Byrd. Credit: KMOV Corey Hawkins-Byrd. Credit: KMOV
ARNOLD, Mo. ( -

Corey Hawkins-Byrd grew up in south St. Louis. He can recall one of his first interactions with police and smiles when he tells the story.

“So they came and sat and talked to me and told me to call the police only when there was an emergency and put me in handcuffs,” recalled Hawkins-Byrd.

He had called 911 because his cousin wouldn’t let him go outside.

“It was scary and fun at the same time,” Hawkins-Byrd remembered.

It made an impression on the then 5-year-old.

He said he’d learned at school to trust the police and now as an adult, he hopes to become one of those trusted officers.

“I always wanted to give back to the community,” said Hawkins-Byrd.

The 25-year-old is in his final weeks of training at the Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy but is trying to raise money to pay for the last of his tuition.

“I’ve had the spring semester and fall semester taken care of, but I just realized I’m not covered for the rest of the academy,” said Hawkins-Byrd.

He said he has student loans to cover his costs, but he didn’t know he was short by $2,050 until recently.

Hawkins-Byrd said he did receive two refunds from the fall and spring semesters totaling about $1,500, but he was under the impression his classes were covered so he spent the money on gas and his mortgage since he’s transitioned into working part-time while attending training.

He travels four to five days a week from north St. Louis County to Arnold to attend class for four hours a night.

Now he’s asking for help to meet his outstanding bill deadline of June 11 before his graduation date on June 28.

“It would actually help me give back to the community and start showing the community there are good people out there and I’m just like them, I’m here to serve and protect them,” said Hawkins-Byrd.

He said he’s been applying to local police department jobs, but he needs to graduate with his certificate in Criminal Justice to officially get the job.

You can visit his Go Fund Me page here.

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