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Police crack down on red light runners in Festus

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A red light in Festus. Credit: KMOV A red light in Festus. Credit: KMOV

Police are cracking down on drivers who run red lights at intersections on Highway A in Festus. On Friday special enforcement details set up at three intersections and wrote a total of 20 tickets.

"And we were focused on aggressive red lights, not the guy who has the car in the middle of the intersection when the light changes, but people that the intersection is red and they choose to run the red light," said Police Chief Tim Lewis.

Lewis said he's received complaints about red light runners and said drivers who ignore red lights frequently cause accidents.

"Those are bad. Usually, one car ended up flipping and if they aren't seat belted in, somebody could go out the window. And we're just trying to prevent tragedies," said the chief.

One of the intersections drawing concern is Highway A at West Gannon Drive. News 4 documented five red light runners in one hour on Monday. 

"Everybody's in such a hurry these days, they've got places to go things to do. It's a very dangerous thing and some people do run the red lights," said Chuck Freeman, of Festus.

Police said they plan to do more crackdowns on red light runners through the summer.

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