Goose takes over Creve Coeur woman's backyard -

Goose takes over Creve Coeur woman's backyard

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Canada Goose (Credit: KMOV) Canada Goose (Credit: KMOV)

Creve Coeur, Mo.( A Creve Coeur woman faces a battle over her backyard shed with a Canada Goose.

Homeowner Carole Levin noticed an overly protective mother goose nesting on the roof of her 10 foot shed about two weeks ago.

Every time Carole attempts to get her patio furniture out of the shed the goose aggressively hisses to protect her unhatched eggs. Carole wants to move the nest off the shed's roof but the Migratory Bird Act stands in her way. Basically, the Migratory Bird Act protects the nesting process of select birds and this goose happens to be on that list. 

If Carole moves the nest without the Federal Governments approvals then she could be fined $10,000. Carole will not be lounging on her patio furniture anytime soon so she plans to become an adoptive grandmother to the goose and the baby geese.

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