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Woman receiving new kidney seeks to save other lives

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Liz Barton. Credit: KMOV Liz Barton. Credit: KMOV

The effort to get a new kidney for a Hillsboro woman may now help several others on the candidate waiting list.

Liz Barton was on the candidate list for more than a year, but on April 11, she got a call that a new kidney was ready for her.

“I am just completely blessed that this happened, that I was even offered a gift of this magnitude,” said Barton. “It was also scary and a bit sad too because somebody had to die for me to get this gift, so there’s a lot of emotions that come along with that call.”

Barton was expecting a living donor. In March, her friends, family and the Hillsboro community planted magnets all over their cars to spread awareness about her need.

“Seventy five of our patients we can’t find one living donor for,” said Dr. Jason Wellen, the Director of Kidney Transplants at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. “She had 90 living donors. 90 living donors contacted our program that may very well be a record.”

Wellen said all those who wanted to donate did not match Barton but can match with someone else in need.

“Right now we have well over 700 people waiting on our list,” said Wellen.

With a second chance, Barton hopes to be a donor advocate.

“We really want to help others get the transplants through living donations or donations in general and we want to teach people about singing their donor cards,” said Barton.

Barton said she is excited that she will able to live and be there for her 6-year-old daughter, Conley. 

Barton is continuing with her blog to help spread awareness and provide information about being a life donor. She will also share other stories about people in need of a kidney. To follow her blog: https://www.facebook.com/akidneyforliz/

Barton is also making it her mission to debunk myths about being a living kidney donor. The two most important truths she wants to get out there are that you can be any age to donate a kidney, as long as you're healthy. Also, if you become a living donor, but end up needing a kidney yourself one day in the future, you are put at the top of the donor wait list to assure receiving a new kidney to replace to one you donated.

For information about kidney transplants and becoming a living donor: https://www.barnesjewish.org/Medical-Services/Transplant/Kidney-Transplant

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