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Mission Continues donor list was sent to Greitens campaign on multiple occasions, sources say

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Mo. Gov. Eric Greitens announces he won't step down ahead of a report released by a legislative committee investigating him. Credit: KMOV Mo. Gov. Eric Greitens announces he won't step down ahead of a report released by a legislative committee investigating him. Credit: KMOV
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Court documents supporting the new charge against Governor Eric Greitens claim an employee at the Mission Continues sent a donor list to a political fundraiser operating on behalf of Greitens' campaign, as directed by Greitens. But a source familiar with the inner workings of the Mission Continues said lists of donors were sent regularly before there was a campaign, and the lists were sent to Greitens' company known as the Greitens Group.

Friday, Greitens was charged with tampering with computer data, a felony. Authorities allege Greitens, acting with others, used data owned by the Mission Continues to solicit funds for his gubernatorial campaign.

Years before running for office, Greitens founded the Mission Continues, a charity to help veterans.

Greitens is accused of directing someone who the prosecution calls K.T. to send a list of Mission Continues donors to his campaign fundraiser. Prosecutors say both Greitens and K.T. knew the list was taken without the permission of the Mission Continues.

The Mission Continues issued this statement:

This weekend, The Mission Continues is focused on nearly 30 Earth Day service events across the country that make a difference in the communities, and lives of the people, we serve. We reiterate that we completely abstain from any and all political activities. The Mission Continues did not provide, nor authorize the use of, our donors’ information to any persons or groups for political/campaign purposes. The Mission Continues remains committed to our mission to empower veterans, volunteers, and communities through the power of service.

A source told News 4 that donor lists were sent to the campaign at least six times. At least three employees other than K.T. sent such emails to the campaign, the source said.

The source also said employees at the Mission Continues knew that doing so was wrong and after sending the list once or twice, some employees said they wouldn’t do it again.

Both Greitens and his attorney have denied wrongdoing:

In a statement from Ed Dowd, an attorney for Greitens, doesn’t deny that Greitens told an employee at the Mission Continues to send a donor list to the campaign:

This charge makes no sense at all.

Eric made the Mission Continues. He raised millions of dollars for it. That money helped thousands of veterans transform their lives. He dedicated years of his life to creating the organization, and he spent the earliest period working for no pay. It was an extraordinary act of public service.

Now he’s being accused of stealing an email list from an organization he built? Give me a break. Not only did he create this list donor by donor, friend by friend, but the Mission Continues still has the list.

The idea that this is a crime is absurd. How convenient that he's being charged just two days before the statute of limitations runs out on a so-called crime that's three years old.

The court will find Eric innocent of yet another absurd charge, and the people of Missouri will learn the true motives behind this action soon enough. This allegation is absurd, and Eric will be found innocent of this accusation in court.

Greitens also released a statement of his own:

Two months ago, a prosecutor brought a case against me. She claimed she had evidence of a crime—but she’s produced none. She said her investigator would find the truth. Instead, her investigator lied under oath and created false evidence. She is wasting thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to do all of this.

Her original case is falling apart—so today, she’s brought a new one. By now, everyone knows what this is: this prosecutor will use any charge she can to smear me. Thank goodness for the Constitution and our court system. In the United States of America, you’re innocent until proven guilty. In the United States of America, you get your day in court.

And when I have my day in court, I will clear my name. People will know the truth.

The latest charge is about my work at the Mission Continues. When I came home from Iraq after service as a Navy SEAL, I started the Mission Continues to help veterans. In the seven years I ran that organization, we helped thousands of veterans, won national awards for excellence, and became one of the finest veteran’s charities in the country.

Those were some of the best years of my life, and I am grateful every day for the chance to help the men and women I served with. I stand by that work.

I will have my day in court. I will clear my name. This prosecutor can come after me with everything she's got, but as all faithful people know: in time comes the truth. And the time for truth is coming.

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