Lack of funds force North Co. family to delay funeral for toddle -

Lack of funds force North Co. family to delay funeral for toddler who was beaten to death

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Cayden Carson. Credit: KMOV Cayden Carson. Credit: KMOV

A North County family is seeking answers after the death of their toddler. 

Corey Miller is behind bars held on a $250,000 bond. The baby's mother spoke to News 4 on Thursday.

Nearly two weeks after her 2-year-old son was killed, Paris Mickens is struggling to find words while talking about her son, Cayden Carson. When asked about the baby's accused killer, Mickens invited News 4 to her home out of frustration and desperation.

"It sends chills down my spine. It really does," she said.

For Mickens, the last 11 days have been rough.

"One minute, I am fine dealing with stuff and taking care of his funeral. Then I feel rage," said Mickens. "For my child to actually die at the hands of this man is devastating and puzzling to me. Everyone who knows us knows it is not in his character."

Police said Cayden was found unresponsive in his home in the 5600 block of Helen Avenue. DeAndre Madison, who lives in the home with Mickens and Miller, discovered the baby's body.

"I checked his finger. I checked his heart. I checked his neck. I did not feel a pulse," added Madison.

Madison called the police.

"I was messed up. I was sitting down. Police asked me everything. I am just shocked," added Mickens.

Court documents show the mother's friend, Miller, admitted to kicking, squeezing and hitting the toddler. She asks why, not only for herself but also her son.

"He won't be resting easy until he gets answers," said Mickens.

Since April 8, Mickens hasn't gotten much rest. The single mother is planning a funeral which she's already delayed

"It's hard. I have bills that were here. I did not have any insurance on him," added Mickens.

While Miller admitted to police, investigators have not spoken about his motive. The toddler's family hopes to have a funeral April 28, 20 days after the baby was killed. Click here if you'd like to donate.

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