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Judge rules Greitens’ criminal case will move forward

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

Thursday, a judge decided to move forward with the invasion of privacy case against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

Judge Rex Burlison announced his decision at 9:45 a.m. Prior to the announcement, the judge met with lawyers on both sides for more than 30 minutes in his chamber. 

After rejecting the case dismissal, Judge Burlinson sanctioned prosecutors for failing to turn over evidence in a timely manner, ruling the alleged victim would undergo another deposition.

The trial is set to begin on May 14 and will be heard by a jury.

Wednesday, the prosecution and the governor's defense team laid out their strongest arguments to dismiss the case in court documents.

The defense cited a number of concerns they've been raising repeatedly in the invasion of privacy case against the governor, items News 4 has reported on in the past. Namely, they claim a private investigator hired by the prosecutor in the case, William Tisaby, lied under oath.

The defense also pointed to a video-recorded interview of the woman at the center of the case. The prosecution first said it had malfunctioned, then later turned over to the defense.

The defense accused the prosecution of gross misconduct, writing "this case shouts for dismissal."

In their motion, though, the prosecution argued against that.

Prosecutors admitted there have been some missteps or lapses in turning over items to the defense, but they said the allegations of misconduct are inappropriate and an attempt to distract the court and the public.

They said the defense is turning "every ripple in the discovery pond into a tsunami." More, they argued that no sanction at all would be appropriate.

Judge Burlison previously said on Thursday he will decide what, if any, punishment is appropriate for the prosecution, though there's a wide range he could consider.

The prosecution also claimed that some of the governor's attorneys have a conflict of interest.

The Circuit Attorney’s Office said in a statement Wednesday they refuse to succumb to the bullying efforts of Governor Greitens, his defense and public relations teams.

Wednesday evening, News 4 learned the defense filed a new motion saying that private investigator William Tisaby is now under criminal investigation on whether he committed perjury under oath. In their filing, they provided no other information.

Police said no one has contacted their department about an investigation involving Tisaby.

The prosecutors also said they have no knowledge of any investigation being conducting by anyone on Tisaby or the Circuit Attorney.                

News 4 has reached out to Tisaby, but have not heard back.

Below is a statement in full from the Circuit Attorney's Office:

We have no knowledge of any investigation being conducted by anyone on Mr. Tisaby or the Circuit Attorney. 

We believe a jury of St. Louis citizens will be in the best position to evaluate the evidence and determine whether Governor Greitens violated Missouri law.

Regarding the information Attorney General Hawley provided to us on Monday night - we are still investigating this issue.  We began our investigation into this matter prior to issuing the Invasion of Privacy charges in February, and we will continue to seek the truth, wherever that may lead us.

The Circuit Attorney and her staff refuses to succumb to the bullying efforts by Governor Greitens, his defense team and his public relations team.

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