Second animal care volunteer has car stolen while on the job thi -

Second animal care volunteer has car stolen while on the job this month

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Kathy Stanton's SUV. Credit: KMOV Kathy Stanton's SUV. Credit: KMOV

A second volunteer at an animal organization in St. Louis had their car stolen this Saturday while making a delivery in South City.

Kathy Stanton says she was making a delivery at a home near Cherokee and Texas Ave. Saturday afternoon and couldn’t find a place to park near the person’s home.

“I looked around there wasn’t anything on,” she said, “and I unloaded the back of the car.”

She left the car running and set the hazard lights while she unloaded her Toyota Rav 4 and stepped a few feet away to greet the homeowner.

She was on her way back to her car when the unthinkable happened.

“All of a sudden a car comes up and sideswipes a parked truck right next to me,” she said.

The accident left her shocked.

“I was standing there and then all of a sudden I heard a door shut and I turned and looked and my car was being driven away,” she added.

Both cars, what a witness told her was an Audi A8, and her SUV took off in the same direction.

A bystander noticed the person who took off with her car originally walking toward them moments before the wreck.

She thinks the crash was no accident.

 “This other man had kind of diverted my attention so this other guy could jump out and take the car,” said Stanton.

She’s the second animal organization volunteer to have her car stolen this month while on the job.

News 4 talked to Janice Ritter earlier this month after her SUV was stolen while she was in the process of rescuing a dog. 

Police located Ritter’s car but were unable to find the cat that was inside the car at the time it was stolen.

Stanton’s mostly upset she wasn’t able to continue delivering to the nine homes left along her route.

“I think it’s terrible that you know you want to help somebody and there are people who just don’t care,” she said.

The organization, S. Louis City Kitties, focuses on helping low-income cat owners a way to feed their cats and themselves by delivering food, litter and other items to their doors.

“We just can’t let people go alone anymore,” said Barbara Nelson, who leads the non-profit, “and these people count on us if we decide not to do it they’re out of luck.”

Nelson says drivers will now be required to deliver in pairs.

Police are no searching for Stanton’s SUV with the Missouri plate number SA3EIF.

Stanton hopes police cameras nearby will help them in the process.

In the meantime, she plans to share a car with her husband so she can continue making deliveries.

“One way or another we will be there for them,” she said.

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