Metro East Pastor pleads for help to fix his crumbling church -

Metro East Pastor pleads for help to fix his crumbling church

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BROOKLYN, Ill. ( -

A pastor is pleading for help to keep his Metro East church standing as it continues to crumble with age, and on top of that, the church leader tells us the building has been repeatedly broken into. 

Pastor William White has been attending the 50-year-old church for almost it's entire time of existence. He grew up playing the piano with bands in East St. Louis with rock and roll great, Chuck Berry. However, he says his life changed when he found God. He took his music to the Church of God in Christ Jesus All Nation in Brooklyn, Illinois. 

He's now 98 years old and still playing the piano and driving some of his members to church. "Sometimes if someone calls for me to pick them up, I'll do that," said White. 

Unlike White, the church he preaches in is showing it's age. "The building has been crumbling ever since it was built," said White. Only two steel rods hold the building up, there are several holes in the ceiling and Pastor White blames thieves for the doors being broken from their hinges. "Breaking in there, they used to break in the windows here," said White, who says they've been broken into at least 5 times.

KMOV reached out to Brooklyn, Illinois Police to confirm these break ins and never heard back. 

The roof is the most noticeable need for repair with tarp being the church's only protection. "The shingles are crumbling off and it's leaking," said White. 

Although he's impressing people with his energy at 98 years old, he admits the help is needed to keep his church standing. "Anyone that's willing to help us. We've always been open for anybody," said White.

The church is located at 409 S. 5th St., Brooklyn, IL. To contact the church call 618-874-6004.

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