Weather Radios In Parts of The Area Need To Change Frequency -

Weather Radios In Parts of The Area Need To Change Frequency

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The National Weather Service has changed the frequency for weather radio alerts in a portion of the News4 viewing area.  While this does not affect the entire area, a portion of Missouri residents with a weather radio will need to tune to a different frequency channel in order to get alerts.  The old frequency was getting interference from a nearby transmitter, which prompted the change by the National Weather Service.  Below will explain who is affected and what you need to do.

Who does this affect?
Only in Missouri, If you live in the following counties: Lincoln, Warren, Pike (Missouri), Montgomery (Missouri), Northern Gasconade County, Audrain, Callaway, Osage. It is possible that some in extreme northwestern Franklin County will need to change as well.  

What do I do? 
If you have a Midland weather radio and you live in the above listed counties, tune from channel 3 to channel 2.  Again, only if you are on channel 3 on your Midland weather radio, you must change to channel 2 and only if you live the above listed counties.

How do I do change the channel?
For most Midland radios, which is the brand available at area Schnucks that News4 has been programming for weeks with Weather Radio Wednesday, do the following if this change affects you:
Push menu.
Push down arrow until you see “SET CHANNEL” in the LED screen.
Push the up or down arrow until you are on channel 2.  The frequency will also show up on the LED screen as “162.425”
Push “Menu”, then the LED screen will briefly read “SAVING” and return to normal. 

I have a Midland Radio and need help: 
Call 816-462-0459 for customer service and the fine folks at Midland will be happy to walk you through the process over the phone.

I don’t have a Midland Weather Radio, it’s a different brand what should I do?
Only if you live in the above listed counties will you need to change the channel on your weather radio.  You will need to refer to your radio instructions for help.  

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