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Tensions continue to rise as teachers protest declining wages

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Teachers in several states are rallying for better pay and pensions, including Kentucky, Arizona and even in Illinois in the Metro East.

Kelsey Donohue plans to be a teacher this fall, and in her senior year at Webster University she and her classmates know the struggles of teachers -

"When I was moving from business major to education I thought, ‘Will I be able to make enough money?" she said. "I find it interesting how we degradate teachers down and down over time and pay them less, so I think about it a lot."

Currently teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma are demonstrating for higher wages, a backlash against years of budget cutting.

In Alton a strike date looms this month, and in Collinsville there's frustration over no contract.

"It really doesn't surprise me at all, in fact I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner," said Dr. Stephanie Mahfood of Webster University.

Those who teach education say the job demands and salaries have put a strain on the profession,

and it even tests the enthusiasm of the next crop of teachers her in St Louis.

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