Metro East neighbors worry bike trails may make homes target for -

Metro East neighbors worry bike trails may make homes target for burglaries

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GLEN CARBON, Il. ( -- A string of burglaries around two Illinois cities has neighbors concerned, and some victims think there’s common factor linking them.

Two homes in Glen Carbon and another two in Edwardsville were burglarized this month, and three of the four were near a bike trail.

“It's scary,” said resident Crystal Bannister. “This is Glen Carbon, you think safest neighborhood ever and not so much anymore.”

Police knocked on Bannister’s door last week after burglars broke into two homes along her block, taking off with electronics, jewelry and other items.

“Two of the five neighbors were home. We didn't see anything,” she said.  

Bannister believes the trail across from the homes is the reason they were targeted, because thieves could use the trail access to scout the homes and find out when they were empty, all without drawing suspicion.    

Glen Carbon police don't know if that's the case, saying this is the first burglary near a bike trail in a while.

Just 15 minutes away, Edwardsville police received reports of two burglarized homes as well. Though police so far don't think the cases are connected, one of the homes is near a trail.

Resident Robert Harris found out his neighbor was burglarized and also noticed the ease of access the trail provides.

“A lot of houses back up to the trail so a lot of temptation for people up to no good,” he said.

Police think Bannister's security cameras stopped burglars from breaking into her home, even if they were off at the time.

“I absolutely have them on 24-7 now,” she said.

She also said she’s adding more cameras and hopes police will also step up their security.

“Why aren't they scouting the bike trails?” Bannister asked. “That would make me feel safe.”

Glen Carbon police are still looking for the thief of thieves who broke into the homes.

They don't believe the thefts are connected to any other burglaries near trails- but they don’t think these are the first homes the suspects have broken into.

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