Student 'died in a room full of people that just didn't care', d -

Student 'died in a room full of people that just didn't care', dad says

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Andrew Coffey (left) with his family COFFEY FAMILY Andrew Coffey (left) with his family COFFEY FAMILY

CBS NEWS -- The parents of a Florida State University student who died in an alleged hazing incident are pushing for a new federal anti-hazing law. Junior Andrew Coffey was found unresponsive on a couch the morning after a Pi Kappa Phi fraternity party in November. A lawsuit claims he'd been asked to drink an entire bottle of 101-proof bourbon. He died of acute alcohol poisoning.  

Nine fraternity brothers pleaded not guilty to hazing charges.

Hazing has killed at least one person a year since 1961, reports CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil. Andrew was one of four victims in 2017. In the lawsuit, the Coffey family is seeking justice and accountability. Their goal is to help lead a new movement against hazing, one that might keep their son's memory alive by saving others.

"If people in the past had gotten together, maybe my son would still be here, if hazing wasn't a problem. So therefore, we have to yell as loud as we can in order to get this stopped," father Tom Coffey told "CBS This Morning," speaking publicly for the first time. "I don't want another family going through what we go through. Crying ourselves to sleep."

It's been just four months since Tom and Sandra Coffey got the news that their 20-year-old son had died in an alleged hazing incident.  

"When you send your child away, it's the last thing you're thinking of. Never even crosses your mind," Tom added. "It's getting him into his dorm, getting his classes lined up. Getting, you know ... This never crossed my mind." 

"I remember driving, going, 'This doesn't happen to us,'" Sandra said. 

Andrew was a high school athlete with dreams of joining the Navy after college.

"Great kid," Sandra said. "You could count on him." 

"Handsome as the day is long and a smile that'll light up a room, you know," Tom described.  

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