Man sucker-punched on MetroLink: ‘You hit like a girl’ -

Man sucker-punched on MetroLink: ‘You hit like a girl’

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Mark Morris. Credit: KMOV Mark Morris. Credit: KMOV
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

A man who was sucker-punched on a downtown MetroLink train has a strong message for his attackers and those in charge of protecting riders.

Mark Morris might have been knocked down, but not knocked out. He is calling out MetroLink and his attackers.

“MetroLink tries to cover it up and say it is safe, but it’s not. I am a victim of it now,” said Morris. 

Morris became a statistic Wednesday after coming across a group of men while riding an eastbound MetroLink train to the Civic Center Station.

“One of them hit me right upside the head. He was going for the fence. He was trying to knock me out,” said Morris. 

Morris recalls getting jabs on the left side of his face.

“When he hit me, I went like this and the glasses came up off my face like that. I knew I had been hit,” added Morris. 

Morris recovered quickly, but not fast enough to catch who threw the punch. 

“One of the guys turned around to look at me. He looked scared because he had not knocked me out like he wanted,” said Morris. 

Morris rode the train down another stop to 8th and Pine where he called the police. 

He gave a report and remembers one officer telling him they can’t patrol every MetroLink train.

“He said we just can’t be on every train. I felt like they are hardly on any train,” said Morris. 

Morris has two messages of his own for his attackers: “First one is you hit like a girl, whoever you are. The second one is you should not treat people that way. You should not do violent acts toward people.”

MetroLink said they are investigating the incident. News 4 reached out to St. Louis police to ask about pictures and video of Morris’ attackers but have not heard back.

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