Rumor among students leads to increased police at Francis Howell -

Rumor among students leads to increased police at Francis Howell Central

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COTTLEVILLE, Mo. ( – There is an increased police presence at Francis Howell Central High School Friday after a rumor circulated about a potential school shooting.  

Dr. Sonny Arnel, the high school’s principal, sent a letter Friday morning stating their administration had been made aware of a rumor about a potential school shooting incident that was circulating among students.

According to the letter, a student posted comments on social media earlier in the week. Those comments did not threaten student or staff safety but over the following days “students that had seen the post talked to other students about it, and it quickly evolved into a rumor about possible dates for an incident of school violence.”

“In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, schools across the country have been dealing with an increase in reports of suspicious social media posts and rumors. We understand that what happened in Florida has all of us apprehensive and concerned about what we are doing to keep kids safe at school. These types of rumors spread quickly and can cause panic among students and parents. I want to assure you that we are taking each report seriously and investigating everything that is brought to our attention,” read a portion of Dr. Arnel’s letter.

The school is encouraging students to report anything out of the ordinary to someone at the school so they can look into it. They are also emphasizing that students perpetuating rumors can have far-reaching and harmful consequences.

Dr. Arnel wrote that there would be an increased police presence at the school Friday to help students and staff feel more secure.

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