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Edwardsville man accused of messaging countless underage girls, asking for sex

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Women across our area are coming together to share the lewd moves by one man.

"It's been a decade of this guy saying really absurd things to 14, 15, 16 year olds," said Demi Palecek.

The accusations are mounting against a 26-year-old Edwardsville native.

He's being called out online for messaging countless women and underage girls, asking for sexual favors in exchange for money.

"There's solid evidence of these girls and how old they are," said Palecek. "Them screenshotting their phone and his genitals on their phone and him not stopping. That's alarming to me. Now, it's progressing to him locking girls in his car and his room, over-serving 16 year olds at his bar. It's escalating."

A Metro East woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that inappropriate advances from this man have been appearing in her social media inbox for nearly a decade.

"I went to high school with him, so he's always been like this. I'm not sure if it's who he is or if he is sick or he needs help, but something definitely needs to be done," she said. "He's been arrested for this before. He's been charged with this."

Court records reveal the man has been charged with sexual abuse of a teen and issued several restraining orders. News 4 uncovered nearly half a dozen closed cases connected to the accused man in Madison County, Illinois.

Palacek's online post has progressed into an entire website dedicated to curating the man's messages.

She's pushing for police and prosecutors to bring an end to his harassment for good.

"I want this to be looked over, because he hasn't stopped," said Palecek. "A lot of girls have posted about him and he's never stopped, he's never slowed down."

 St. Charles County Police Captain David Tiefenbrunn said people should contact law enforcement if the harassment continues.

"It might not rise to a criminal level, but if the communication continues, then it should definitely be addressed with a law enforcement agency," he said. 

Tiefenbrunn said reporting online harassment to your local police department is one option but not always the best one.

"It has to be judged on a case-by-case basis. Some of these will rise to a criminal level and law enforcement can step in. Other ones may not rise to a criminal level and it may be easier to block them and contact your social media site," said Tiefenbrunn.

News 4's Eric Cox talked to the man accused of sending these messages over the phone.

He wouldn't comment on the accusations, but claims he has moved to Florida.

We do know he was working at a wine bar in st. Charles county.

The owner of that place said he was fired yesterday after they received word of these allegations. Some of the women coming forward with accusations have filed police reports.

News 4 reached out Edwardsville Police where some of these reports have been made.

We're still waiting to hear back on if they're investigating.

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