Prisoner who escaped at Casino Queen during transfer still at la -

Prisoner who escaped at Casino Queen during transfer still at large

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Brian Jordan, 33, was last seen walking towards the Eads Bridge early in the morning on Monday, March 5. (Credit: Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office) Brian Jordan, 33, was last seen walking towards the Eads Bridge early in the morning on Monday, March 5. (Credit: Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office)

ST. LOUIS ( -- Brian Glenn Jordan, the man who fooled a transport driver during a strange night that ended at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis, remains on the loose after more than two weeks on the run. 

Lamont Henderson, a driver for Guard Force International, was fired following the escape and now it's up to local authorities to recapture Jordan.

The circumstances surrounding Jordan's escape were eye-catching, as Henderson's time with the prisoners involved a stop to visit family, a trip to a casino and a stay at a hotel without the prisoners secured. 

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“I had nowhere else to house them,” he said when asked why he brought two criminals with him to visit with family. Henderson was transporting two prisoners from St. Joseph, Missouri to St. Louis, reportedly to meet up with another transport team before heading to Texas,

The men stayed in the vehicle when Henderson met his family members, just as they did when he went to the Lumiere Casino in downtown St. Louis to gamble. Henderson left the car parked on the street with the two men shackled inside.

“They’re chained up hands waist and feet. Sometimes around the bottom of the seat so they can’t even raise their feet to kick out a window,” he said. “They would not be able to escape.”

Having left the men behind, Henderson exchanged $1,000 for chips and found a craps table. Over the next hour, he won $4,300 playing craps.

He cashed out his winnings and went back to the vehicle, eventually heading to the Casino Queen to get a room and food.

It’s unclear if staying with the prisoners in a hotel is standard procedure, but what we do know is Henderson took off the men’s restraints when he took them into the hotel.

"I didn’t want to scare the other guests. I don’t know how the hotel would have felt about inmates being there. I didn’t want to alarm anybody,” he said.

Early reports stated Henderson had ordered pizza for the group, but he says he simply ordered food for himself.  

"I ordered a pizza, a medium pizza for myself. If I had ordered a pizza for everybody it would have been a large,” he said. “That’s another lie, I never ordered pizza for everybody and we had a party.”

At this point, Henderson allowed the inmates to clean themselves up. The man who escaped, Brian Jordan, shaved and took a shower.

The other inmate, whose name has not been released, laid down and went to sleep. Henderson says he went to the bathroom, and that’s when Jordan made his move.

It’s a similar move Ferris Bueller used to play hooky.

“Jordan put the pillow in the bed like a person, making me believe he was there,” Henderson said, saying he glanced over when he came out of the bathroom. “I looked over 10 minutes later and I noticed it wasn’t him.”

Henderson immediately ran down to where he parked his truck and realized Jordan was gone. Hotel cameras caught Jordan going through the truck at 1:37 a.m. and Henderson arrived at 1:45 a.m.

“I just missed him or I was out there with him and I just didn’t see him,” Henderson said. “I ran back up and got the other inmate and put him in the truck.”

At some point, Henderson realized his winnings from the Lumiere were gone. Almost.

“He left me $100,” he said.

Jordan made off with $5,200 (Henderson’s original $1,000 and $4,200 of his winnings) and hasn’t been seen since.

Henderson was fired Wednesday morning and headed back to his home in Texas. What bothers him the most in the whole ordeal isn’t losing his job, but the betrayal of trust.

“A criminal is going to be a criminal. I was too lax with him, should have been more stern and not been where I was,” he said. “But the fact he opened my bag and stole from me after I treated him like a man... I was brought up to treat everyone like a man. For him to open my bag and steal from me, that ran me pretty hot.”

In April 2014, Jordan was sentenced to 10 years for a drug charge. He was paroled in 2015, but was later arrested for a parole violation in Oklahoma. He was being taken back to Texas on that violation when he escaped.

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