Millennials were actually born between these years -

Millennials were actually born between these years

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(Meredith) – There’s a lot of talk about millennials these days, and no matter what your opinions of them are, you might be surprised to find out who is actually a millennial.

According to the Pew Research Center, a millennial is anyone born between 1981 and 1996.

One of the biggest challenges the Pew Research Center has faced was when to draw the cutoff line when it comes to dividing the millennials from the next generation. The oldest millennials are 37 years old and became adults before today’s youngest adults were even born.

One of the major defining characteristics the Pew Research Center has placed on millennials is their “slow start.”

“Beyond politics, most millennials came of age and entered the workforce facing the height of an economic recession. As is well documented, many of millennials’ life choices, future earnings and entrance to adulthood have been shaped by this recession in a way that may not be the case for their younger counterparts,” the researchers stated. “The long-term effects of this ‘slow start’ for millennials will be a factor in American society for decades.”

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