Greitens trial to be held in St. Louis; other latest development -

Greitens trial to be held in St. Louis; other latest developments

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Missouri Governor Eric Greitens seen in a mugshot on February 22, 2018. (Credit: St. Louis Police Department) Missouri Governor Eric Greitens seen in a mugshot on February 22, 2018. (Credit: St. Louis Police Department)
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Both sides in the criminal case against Governor Eric Greitens were back in court Tuesday,

Here is the latest developments on the criminal case against the Governor:


In a response to a motion to dismiss, the prosecutor’s office lays out their argument why the case should not be dismissed.

The day the governor was indicted.

The defense argued that the crime of invasion of privacy should not apply in cases where two consenting adults are engaged in sexual activity.

Now we know prosecutors are arguing back, saying that the defense's argument is flawed. Prosecutors argue that whether or not there was consensual sexual activity is not a part of the original indictment--and is not an undisputed fact.


Tuesday, News 4 learned the trial will be in fact be held in the City of St. Louis. Both sides have agreed to call a jury pool of 160 people. 

To get to that number, the prosecution suggested using another very famous case as a reference: The Times Beach case.

That, you might remember, was the case where residents of times beach in St. Louis County sued when their entire town was contaminated with Dioxcin.

For that case, the courts needed 150 jurors.

Governor Greitens will stand trial for a low-level felony charge of invasion of privacy, but due to the extraordinary circumstances, both sides decided to pick from a jury of 12 from an even bigger pool of 160.

The trial is set to start May 14, but jury selection will begin the Thursday before, on May 10th.

Still at issue: whether the jury will be sequestered for the trial, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner argued that it's a good idea to keep the jury sequestered in hotels, away from their families and friends, but the defense said they hadn't had opportunity to discuss that, so the judge decided to take it up at another date before the trial.

Other procedural matters were taken up, including the rolling process of turning over evidence and deciding whether or not experts will testify. The judge said all depositions of witnesses must be done before May 1st.


The defense team told News 4 today they have not been given a copy of any photo other than a headshot of the woman. The prosecution said last week that they did not have the photo in question, but planned to get it.


Judge Rex Burlison also ruled today that there will be a new procedure to assure the public is informed of hearings leading up to the trial.             

News 4 and other members of the media had filed a motion asking for those procedures to ensure the public is informed of any upcoming hearings.

“I am happy because we are getting notice of any hearings, the media will be there, everything about this case will be open and available to the media,” said Mark Sableman, an attorney representing members of the media.

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