Fighter jets flying in an out of Fairhope -

Fighter jets flying in an out of Fairhope

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If you hear or see fighter jets flying through the skies of Fairhope over the next few days, don't be alarmed. It's just a group of people with the Classic Jet Aircraft Association (CJAA) in the area for a fly-in. It's something they do several times a year to showcase their planes and flying skills.

Classic fighter jets are flying in and out of Callahan Airport over the next few days.

"This year, I recently moved to this town so we decided to have a fly-in here to kind of show everybody about our new airplanes that might be in the area," said CJAA President Zach Mcneill.

They're flying all sorts of fighter jets but, don't let this one go over your head, Fairhope isn't in any danger.

"We do things like formation flying, aerobatics, general buffoonery. It's a lot of fun," explained Mcneill.

For those into aerospace science, there are more than a dozen jets in the line up. Most are L-39's but there is a MIG 15 there.

"We have the L-39 which is right behind us, Mcneill said. "These are all built to train people how to fly fighters. The MIG 15 is actually a fighter.

It may look simple but don't get it twisted flying a fighter jet is no easy task.

"It takes a unique combination of an individual to be able to do it. You have to be a very qualified pilot, you have to go through a rigorous training process, get a Czech ride and you've got to maintain your currency," he said.

In fact, Mcneill makes his sons wait until they're 13 to be able to fly, even as a passenger.

"So today Ryan, he turned 13 a few months ago, he's going to get an opportunity to ride it for the first time," he said.

After landing Ryan said he felt like he was going to pass out, while up there for the for the first time, but he can't wait to do it again.

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