Baldwin County Schools stepping up security at all campuses -

Baldwin County Schools stepping up security at all campuses

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A few schools, like Robertsdale Elementary, already have buzzer systems. Photo: FOX10 News. A few schools, like Robertsdale Elementary, already have buzzer systems. Photo: FOX10 News.

The Baldwin County Public School System is about to make some big security changes on every campus. School entry will soon be monitored. No more just walking in.

This comes two weeks after the massacre at a Florida high school. Superintendent Eddie Tyler says that's the main reason he's decided to step up security at schools in Baldwin County. 

Right now, most schools don't keep the front doors locked during school hours. But a buzzer system will soon be the norm at every campus, which means the front doors will be locked, and visitors will have to explain why they are there. It's already like that at Robertsdale Elementary and a few others across the county. But Tyler now has the ball rolling on not just the buzzer systems, but many other ways to tighten security.

"Some of it is going to a be a little bit of an inconvenience, to start with, but I'm hoping that when they see the results of what we're wanting to do, that they know we have the best interest of the children at heart...we're going to be relentless on this as far as stepping up our security measures on campuses," said Tyler. "We're not going to stand down until we feel better about what we're doing for all our schools."

Especially after what happened in Parkland, Florida, keeping the almost 32,000 students and 4,000 employees in Baldwin County safe has Tyler on edge. His priorities, he says, is making sure every campus only has one way in, and every door stays locked throughout the day.

Tyler says another security measure is enclosing schools that are open. An example of that is Loxley Elementary. There, students have to walk outside to get from one building to the next. We're told the school system is working on putting up some kind of fence around those pathways, so they too, are secure.

Almost 20 schools will need that. Until this point, school principals have been in charge of security, and every campus has handled it differently.That's why some already have buzzers. But now it will all be the same, and some parents are happy to hear something is being done. 

"I feel like the buzzer would be a great idea, I think everyone needs to be buzzed in and make sure that they're safe coming into the school," said parent, Jessica Thornton.  

Her husband, also agreed: "We live in God's country out here in Baldwin County, and I just appreciate everything they're doing, it doesn't surprise me that they're stepping it up," said Brandon Thornton.

We're told the school system has already been checking out current security measures at some schools. Tyler says he will have a plan of what will be done at all 47 campuses by next week.

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