An Illinois resident contracts Legionnaire's Disease while in Sp -

An Illinois resident contracts Legionnaire's Disease while in Springfield

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The Illinois Department of Public Health Department (IDPH) is investigating after a case of Legionnaire’s Disease was reported in Springfield, Illinois.

IDPH said a person was exposed to the Legionella bacteria during a trip to Springfield, Illinois in January. The department is trying to identify the potential source of the exposure. 

Officials reviewed several locations the individual stayed including hotels and the Illinois State Capitol Complex center. Water samples collected from the Capitol Complex tested positive for Legionella, IDPH said.

Legionella bacteria occurs naturally in the environment.  Water containing Legionella bacteria can be dispersed through cooling towers, showers, hot tubs, and decorative fountains, and can cause illness when inhaled. 

In a news release, IDPH said that approximately 300 case of Legionnaires ’disease, a severe form of pneumonia, are reported in Illinois each year and the bacteria can spread when inhaled.

No additional information has been released about the individual or their medical condition.

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