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Local police chief says teachers with guns is a 'terrible idea'

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(Credit: St. Louis County Police Department) (Credit: St. Louis County Police Department)
ST. ANN, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting many have pondered over the idea of arming school teachers to prevent similar incidents. Some have been critical of this idea including a local police chief.

St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez doesn’t beat around the bush with his opinion on the idea.

“It’s a terrible idea,” said Chief Jimenez. “It’s absolutely insane.”

Chief Jimenez, who has been in law enforcement for twenty years, believes the idea is only asking for trouble.

Chief Jimenez believes the best approach is through SROs, School Resource Officers, which are armed officers who patrol the hallways.

St. Ann police provide SROs to the Ritenour School District at a cost of more than $240,000 a year. The district pays about a third of the cost.

Chief Jimenez takes issue with those who say SROs are not effective.

“That is hogwash,” said Chief Jimenez. “I’ve seen, yes, we can’t prevent everything from happening but we do a darn good job of building those relationships, we get info all the time that a lot of people don’t even know of, we’ve stopped kids from coming to school either armed or planning on bringing a gun.”

Missouri law does allow teachers to carry on campus but every district News 4 reached out to said they have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward guns.

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