St. Louis Co. residents asked 'what would your home be worth if -

St. Louis Co. residents asked 'what would your home be worth if it were radioactive?'

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A flyer being sent to residents near the landfills (KMOV) A flyer being sent to residents near the landfills (KMOV)

A St. Louis County print shop is busy printing more than twenty thousand flyers destined for mailboxes throughout north St. Louis County.

The flyers say WARNING in bold print and ask recipients "What would your home be worth if it were radioactive?" The mailers are being sent to residents near the Westlake and Bridgeton landfills along with those that live near Coldwater Creek.

Attorneys Anthony D. Gray and Ryan Keane are listed on the flyers along with a 1-800 number for property owners to call. 

"There needs to be an awareness in the community of the seriousness of this radioactive contamination," Keane told News 4. "It's a national disaster, to be honest."

Keane's group is filing litigation against a number of defendants including Republic Services and the St. Louis Airport Authority, saying the lawsuit is seeking class-action status and seeks damages for homeowners. He also says the litigation aims to clean up the sites in question, and adds "residents are very upset with how slow the EPA has acted."

One of the flyers states: "The dangers were recently explained in the HBO film Atomic Homefront. All of which hurts your property value."

Keane was asked whether critics might see this as a chance to capitalize off of the documentary. 

"No," he made clear. "We have been neck deep in this for a long time." 

Two separate lawsuits were filed in St. Louis County on Tuesday afternoon. 

The class action petition against the Bridgeton Landfill makes a disturbing claim.  

 Despite knowing that these materials were radioactive, the Defendants allowed them to be released as building material to an unknown number of people, which was subsequently incorporated into buildings and driveways in the St.
Louis metropolitan area. 

Keane says poor recordkeeping makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact locations referenced in the above statement. 

The attorneys tell News 4 flyers will begin arriving in mailboxes before the end of the week.

A news conference is expected on Wednesday.

There was no comment from Republic Services or St. Louis City Hall, which oversees the Airport Authority, regarding the pending litigation.

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