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Owner threatened for flag supporting police receives support of her own

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOV.com) - A Cherokee Antique Row business owner wasn’t sure she’d rehang her American flag with a thin blue line until she started getting messages and phone calls from people all around the nation and world telling her to keep the flag up. 

News 4 first reported on Saturday about Elder’s Antiques’ owner Cherri Elder receiving a threat and harassment after hanging the flag supporting police in front of her shop.

Even after taking the flag down to calm things down, someone placed a sign outside her storefront window with the words:  

“Pig supporters not welcome.  Flag goes down or you go down.”

The sign also displays the letters MLM and symbol referring to communist beliefs.

“I just knew that threatening someone for what they believed in, I knew it was wrong,” said Elder.

Elder wasn’t sure she’d rehang the sign.

 That is, until after we aired our story and her phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

“It makes me feel very proud and very humble,” she said, “very appreciative that you live in a country where so many people will help the little guy.”

Callers from as far as Ireland have asked Elder to place her flag back up, showing their support for the store and her support for police.

“I mean if that many people are supporting you,” said Elder, how could we not?”

St. Louis Police are now investigating the hand-written threat and Elder has since found surveillance video from the morning the letter was posted.

While the video angle doesn’t show anyone directly posting the sign, it does show a person, head covered with a hoodie, walking past the window and flicking off the shop.

Elder thinks that person may be responsible.

“No,” said Elder, “we’re not going to be intimidated and we’re not going to be silenced.”

She’s received messages from people around the nation encouraging her, even offering to visit her store and purchase items.

Jon Sorak, who lives in the area, visited the shop on Monday after hearing Elder’s story during the weekend.

“Police, firefighters, retired military,” he said, “the average person doesn’t know what they go through every day and the people who do show that their support, they need to be supported as well.”

He’s happy to hear he isn’t the only showing Elder support.

“There’s hope,” said Sorak, “I think there’s more good out there than bad.”

Elder will continue to fly her flag, hoping police catch the people or person behind the threat.

She plans to take the flag down after business hours, however, to avoid it being stolen.

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