Mayors unite to urge Mo. lawmakers to set stricter texting and s -

Mayors unite to urge Mo. lawmakers to set stricter texting and seat belt laws for drivers

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A group of Missouri mayors is urging state lawmakers to fully ban texting and driving for all ages as well as well as set a primary seat belt law.

“Missouri is behind,” said Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider, who is a part of Missouri Mayors United for Progress.

The group met at the state capitol in Jefferson City earlier this week to address the issue and urge lawmakers to take action.

The AP reports Republican Sen. Bob Dixon proposed a bill to ban drivers of all ages from using devices like cell phones and GPS receivers while driving to the Senate Transportation Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee on Thursday.

Missouri is one of three states without a full texting ban.

Currently, Missouri only bans drivers 21 and under.

Some cities, including Florissant, have their own municipal laws banning drivers of all ages from texting and driving.

However, Mayor Schneider says it’s not enough.

“It’s really hard to really enforce that when the state doesn’t have that law, also because the state law usually supersedes the municipal law,” he said.  

He hopes legislators take another look at current driving laws to include texting and driving bans for all ages and setting failure to wear a seatbelt as a primary offense.

“If having people getting pulled over and summonses that cost them a fine because they’ve been texting it will affect behavior just like any other traffic enforcement,” he said.

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