Cahokia man says he was left banged up and bruised by hit-and-ru -

Cahokia man says he was left banged up and bruised by hit-and-run driver

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Jay Jackson. Credit: KMOV Jay Jackson. Credit: KMOV

A Cahokia man is baffled at why the driver who hit him didn't even bother to stop.

Jay Jackson was hit at the intersection of Route 3 and Highway 157. He's hurting but struggling with more than pain. Jackson is frustrated with the driver who hit him and investigators who he believes are ignoring one key piece of evidence.

 "I don't remember them putting me on a board. I don't remember nothing until me waking up in a hospital a couple of hours later," said Jackson.

Jackson was trying to cross four lanes of Route 3 on Saturday. It's a journey he takes to and from work each day.

"I'll walk to the middle lane, wait for those two lanes to clear and will walk on," added Jackson.

The chance for Jackson to get all four lanes clear at one time is rare. He had no luck on Saturday.

"When I looked, it was too late. There was no thought process. As I turned my head, I was getting hit," added Jackson.

Witnesses told police the driver of the car who hit him drove away without stopping.

Doctors treated Jackson for several injuries.

"My neck muscles are all pulled. Nothing was broken up here. I have a cut and knot on the back of my head,' added Jackson.

He showed News 4 injuries on his stomach, back and legs. There are others he can't see but can certainly feel.

"I am medicated, so that helps a lot. If I wake up in the morning, I won't be able to move. I'll be so stiff and hurting," added Jackson.

For now, he mustered enough energy to say this to that driver.

"Own up to it, I get it. Accidents happen. Instead, this is costing me,' added Jackson.

Jackson said he's asked businesses around the intersection if Cahokia police have asked for surveillance video. He says the businesses told him no, but that video exists.

He also wonders why investigators aren't looking at a side mirror which witnesses say was left at the scene after the crash.

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