Car theft victim upset over fees charged to tow her car -

Car theft victim upset over fees charged to tow her car

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Germisha Tucker. Credit: KMOV Germisha Tucker. Credit: KMOV

A Jennings woman who says her car was stolen out of her driveway and the fees being charged for towing her car are excessive.

"It was right up in here. You can kind of see the oil marks from where my car was parked,' said Germisha Tucker.

In a matter of seconds, Tucker's  driveway looked different. She stepped away for just a few seconds.

"I came back outside and my car was gone in the blink of an eye. I just couldn't believe it," added Tucker.

Tucker called police and filed a report. A few hours later, St. Louis County Police found the car and called a tow truck. Tucker was ready to drive again until her mom called. 

"She said, ‘there is one thing you got to know.’ I asked 'what's that?' She said, 'there is a fee to pick your car up,'" said Tucker.

STS Car Care charged $248 for towing and fees.

Tucker's mother, Tamiko, said," I think it is ridiculous because some of these charges seem like they are the same."

Both called News 4 to get answers. We took the Tucker's concerns to STS Car Care. Greeted by employees in the service department, News 4 was told to talk Wednesday to employees in the towing department.

"I can pass the information along," said one employee.

For now, Tucker is stuck with the bill she calls excessive.

News 4 asked St. Louis County police if any fees could be waived. Police said no, but provided the following statement: 

Typically, tow fees associated with the recovery of a stolen vehicle are addressed by the owner’s insurance company. We do have the ability to eliminate some fees for victims of crime when the circumstances are appropriate, but each and every situation is unique.

The thief also took off with Tucker's keys. She has to pay to have a new one made, something that isn’t cheap.

The owner of the towing company says he's shown tremendous compassion to this community nearly 50 years of being in business. He says he won't waive the fees for the Tuckers because they walked into his business using lots of profanity.

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