Married couple on Team USA compete together on Valentine's Day -

Married couple on Team USA compete together on Valentine's Day

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(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)
(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)
(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)

(CNN/Meredith) – Team USA figure skaters Chris and Alexa Knierim celebrated Valentine's Day in perhaps the most unique way, competing at the Winter Olympics.

Chris Knierim acknowledged he had to set aside his feelings for the big day.

"I gotta be in professional mode when we're doing the big tricks to make sure I’m not wandering because of her good looks. But in between is where I can just look at her and skate and, you know, I think people in the audience can see the connection,” Chris said.

These lovebirds were the first married couple from the US to compete at the Winter Olympics in 20 years. Alexa Knierim described the feeling as very special.

"I think we just share more, we're soul mates so when we're skating together we really do feel like we're one person together. And it's very special for us because we know it's going to go beyond just a skating career. This is our life and we'll be able to tell our kids about it, so it goes much deeper than the traditional pair team," Alexa said.

But their path to Pyeongchang had been far from easy. In 2014 after Chris broke his leg, the couple was sidelined for a year.

Then soon after they married, Alexa said she was diagnosed with a rare, potentially fatal stomach illness.

"It's been the hardest two years of our lives together. Fortunately, we've had each other to lean on. Olympics is so special to us. We've been lacking the joy and happiness in life, and it's so nice to be here at the games and really feel that," Alexa added.

When describing Valentine’s Day on ice, Alexa said it will be a day she’ll never forget.

“Really, really special, I think we will be the only married couple in the world to say that they got to skate at the Olympics on Valentine's Day."

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