News 4 Investigates: Customers say mechanic took joyride with th -

News 4 Investigates: Customers say mechanic took joyride with their cars

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Ken Bailey. Credit: KMOV Ken Bailey. Credit: KMOV

( - Customers told News 4 Investigates they hired a car repairman on Craigslist and he ended up taking their cars for a joy ride.

Ken Bailey advertised himself as “The Transmission Man” on Craigslist. He even offered to come to customers’ homes to pick up the car in need of repair. But some of those customers contacted News 4 after not getting what they paid for.

Eddie Coffman told News 4 he paid Bailey $600 to repair his son’s transmission.

But Coffman said Bailey did not do any real work and he had to hire a different mechanic to fix the car.

“It’s probably the lousiest experience I’ve ever had,” said Coffman.

In St. Charles County, another customer is actually suing Bailey. The lawsuit claims the car owner paid Bailey $925 he did not fix the car.

Chris Arns of Kirkwood says he paid Bailey $1,100 and Bailey did nothing. Arns also says Bailey kept his vehicle for nearly a month, its whereabouts unknown, and used it for a joyride all over town.

“1800 miles put on the car during that time … I think he was using it to drive around to get other cars to pick it up using it for his own mileage,” said Arns.

When News 4 confronted Bailey he said he “didn't know I had no complaints on nothing so I’ll see about it … I ain’t got no comment, I build good transmissions.”

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