Family: Tests hope to confirm if flu contributed to girl going i -

Family: Tests hope to confirm if flu contributed to girl going into cardiac arrest during basketball game

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Makenna Jones. Credit: KMOV Makenna Jones. Credit: KMOV

Makenna Jones remains at St. Louis Children’s Hospital Tuesday night after she went into cardiac arrest during a basketball game Sunday.

Rick Graddy is the 12-year-old girl's grandfather. He said her nickname is ‘beast’ and she’s sure been living up to it.

He said they are hoping tests can confirm if the flu contributed to her going into cardiac arrest.

“They’re pumping her with antibiotics and going to do an MRI on her heart tomorrow and they’re going to do a biopsy of heart muscle to find out for sure if that infection or flu had anything to do with it,” Graddy said.

Doctors discovered she had Influenza B Monday after she was rushed to the hospital Sunday night. Graddy said she had gotten over Influenza A over Christmas break.

He said Makenna has been sedated since coming out of a medically induced coma, but the good news is doctors have not been surprised by any of her test results.

Sunday was a freighting day for their family.

Graddy said it was the final minutes of her basketball game when he was told Makenna was acting off.

“It was in the 4th quarter. She had not been playing her normal self. She seemed disoriented a couple times. She went down at her position and then would look at her coach, like ‘is this where I belong?” Graddy said.

When she collapsed her grandmother, who is a retired nurse, and her father, who is the Crystal City Athletic Director, were some of the first to reach her along with some other nurses and an off-duty EMT in the crowd.

“My son-in-law, the last words he told me was I think she has a pulse,” said Graddy when remembering the phone call.

The family has been with Makenna at the hospital since.

Graddy said she will likely need an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) once she recovers which is a battery-powered device that is placed under the skin, which keeps track of your heart rate. 

They are very thankful to the community for all their prayers and support.

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