Customer records video of Crystal City gas pumps that overcharge -

Customer records video of Crystal City gas pumps that overcharge

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David Olyer filed a formal complaint with the Missouri Department of Weights and Measures, claiming the Casey's General Store in Crystal City repeatedly overcharged him. 

"My only thing is, people should be getting what they're paying for," said Olyer.

In one of the videos he posted online you can see that the nozzle is still in his hand but the dial jumps to show a charge of 12 cents before he starts pumping gas. Olyer said he told a worker and the overcharging stopped.

But two weeks later, Olyer said, he recorded video of the pump overcharging him again and sent the video to the corporate office. He said he was told the pump would be fixed but a week later he recorded video of it overcharging again.

Olyer said, "At the very first time I thought well maybe it's a mechanical thing. But then when i sent the video to corporate and they responded and a week later the pumps were still operating, still overcharging people, it made me think it's some kind of scheme." 

News 4 checked with workers at the store who said the pumps were repaired and when we purchased gas we didn't have a problem with overcharging.

We reached out to the Casey's General Store corporate offices to ask why the repairs took so long but no one returned our call.

Olyer said he's had over 100 comments after posting his videos online.

"I had one guy say, is this guy tripping about 12 cents. Somebody got on there and said it's not about the 12 cents it's about the hundreds of 12 cents," said Olyer.

Casey's later said they are working on fixing the problem.

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