CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Violent Robbery at Crestview Liquor Store -

CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Violent Robbery at Crestview Liquor Store

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FOX10 News is committed to putting the spotlight on people “Caught in the Act.” Each week, we work with local law enforcement to show surveillance video in the hopes that you can help crack the case.

Crestview Police are looking for the suspect of a violent store robbery that left one woman scared for her life.

"It was quick, it was fast, and it was terrifying,” said the woman, who asked us not to use her name.

She was finishing up some work in her office at the Cash's Liquor Store on Ferdon Boulevard just before 8 p.m. when she heard someone walk through the door.

"I said hello and I got up. Before I knew it, he was on my left-hand side and I tried to move back. He grabbed me by the hair of my head and told me to open up the drawer. It hurt... I've never had anybody grab me like that."

The man leads her to the register by her hair, keeping a gun pointed at her face the entire time.

"Is he going to blow my brains out? I thought about my grandchildren and my kids. I just want to be alive to be around my grandchildren,” said the woman as she teared up. "He just kept telling me to hurry up, hurry up, and he took a Walmart bag and told me to put the money in there."

After emptying out the register, the man makes his getaway, keeping his gun pointed at the woman until he was out the door.

Brian Hughes with the Crestview Police Department says k-9 units were able to track the man's scent to a nearby neighborhood.

"We believe he probably had a car parked there and left in the car, because the trail just ended,” said Hughes.

Investigators describe the suspects as a 6ft tall black male.

Hughes also said, “He had a very pronounced forehead, and when he walked, he was pigeon toed. His feet pointed out."

We're told he only left with about $220, but the victim says he also took her peace of mind.

"I'm scared. I'm always looking behind my back,” said the woman. “I thank God every day that I'm alive, but he's taken something away from me. I shouldn't have to be scared, and I'm trying to get all that back that he took from me."

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