Hulu cut out in the final minutes of the Super Bowl -

Hulu cut out in the final minutes of the Super Bowl

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For many people streaming the Super Bowl through Hulu, the game suddenly stopped during Tom Brady's final fourth-quarter drive. The video cut out and the screen just showed an error message saying "Sorry, this video is unavailable due to streaming rights restrictions."

The Hulu support team responded via Twitter apologizing for the disruption and promising it won't happen again.

Football fans watching the Super Bowl through PlayStation's streaming service PS Vue experienced similar issues. PlayStation also apologized.

It seems internet streaming services are still working out the kinks when it comes to broadcasting live sports. While YouTube TV and Sling TV didn't report any outages, several viewers complained of the broadcast jumping back a few seconds or buffering. Traditional cable and OTA antenna connections still seem the most reliable when it comes to sports.

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