Illinois lawmakers to discuss legalizing recreational marijuana -

Illinois lawmakers to discuss legalizing recreational marijuana

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COLLINSVILLE, Ill. ( -- Tuesday, Illinois lawmakers will gather in Springfield to begin the discussion of legalizing recreational marijuana and other issues.

HCI Alternatives in Collinsville has up to 1200 patients who receive medicinal marijuana from their treatment program. 

Leaders of HCI Alternatives said the use of medical marijuana has helped dozens of patients fighting cancer cope with their painful symptoms. They also said research shows that 92 percent of opioid use was reduced and stopped overall after receiving cannabis treatments.

"When you look at the number of overdoses that are occurring every year that there is definitely abuses with opioids," HVI Alternatives COO Scott Abbott said. "Cannabis isn't for everybody but for a lot of people they treat their pain with cannabis with very little to no side effects at all."

Abbott told News 4prohibition doesn't work in the alcohol industry and it won't work in the cannabis industry. They said it is time to take the underground drug market, regulate it and bring money to the state.

"To seek those drugs, whether we like it or not, they're going to seek those drugs in a place where it's controlled, and now you know they're getting drugs that have been tested and regulated and they're going to get what they're paying for without violence or getting harmed," he said.

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