Video: Mom dragged out of court after confronting sons’ accused -

Video: Mom dragged out of court after confronting sons’ accused killer

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(Source: WLKY-TV via CNN) (Source: WLKY-TV via CNN)

(Meredith) – A Kentucky mother had an emotional outburst in court when she saw the man accused of stabbing her two teenage sons and burning their bodies.

“I just flipped out. I couldn’t take it no more,” Elizabeth Marie Wren told WLKY-TV.

Courtroom cameras captured Wren lunge at suspect Brice Rhodes during his hearing on Friday.

“Lock me up. Lock me up. Why don’t you let me get to him? He’s sick!” the mom shouted as deputies removed her from the proceedings.

At one point the suspect turned around and laughed at Wren, who then lost control.

"Ain't nobody going to sit in court and hold their composure and have (someone) turn around and laugh about killing your kids,” said Wren. “It's just not going to work.”

Rhodes is one of four men charged in the 2016 murders of Maurice “Reece” Gordon, 16, and Larry Ordway, 14, the Courier-Journal reports.

According to the newspaper, one of the other defendants told detectives Rhodes killed the two brothers because they witnessed him kill a man weeks prior. Rhodes reportedly thought they would “snitch.”

The victims’ bodies were found behind an abandoned home in May of 2016.

Wren said she will not rest until she gets justice for her two sons.

“Every Sunday you go to church and you pray and you try to forgive,” the mom said. “But the anger still builds up in your soul.”

Prosecutors said they intend to pursue the death penalty for Rhodes, who has not pleaded guilty. The other three defendants reportedly took plea deals.

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