Video showing local elementary girl making threats goes viral -

Video showing local elementary girl making threats goes viral

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A video of a young girl making threats in St. Francois County has gone viral. Credit: KMOV A video of a young girl making threats in St. Francois County has gone viral. Credit: KMOV

The whispers, snickering and clicks on a keyboard from sharing a video have become loud enough to grab just about everyone's attention in a small town in St. Francois County.

“ look too fat, you're too ugly in makeup... you just need to stop it because you look like a hideous mother f******,” the girl in the video says.

Stinging words from a shockingly young child -- an elementary student.

“You're just fat... that's the truth,” she says in the video.

Parent Shawn Braswell has not seen the video featuring a West County Elementary school student but, after hearing about it she said, "I think it's absolutely horrible and they need to face consequences for it.”

"I actually wanna frickin' shoot you in the head.... and kill you,” the girl in the video continues. "I know, you know where I live, so congrats. Try coming. But, guess what, you won't make it."

It is unclear if the girl was retaliating, but the school confirms to News 4 she is being disciplined. Friday, the district released the following statement regarding the situation: 

Recently, a video was placed on Facebook involving threats made by one student to another.  Questions have arisen among some individuals concerning whether the disciplinary action taken was sufficient.

While the District is prohibited by state and federal law from discussing individual students, we can explain the process that District officials utilize in minimizing the chance for repetition of the behavior as well as the appropriate discipline.

In making these decisions, the District looks at a variety of factors to tailor a resolution that protects students, but does not overreact in taking disciplinary action.  We look at the age of the students. Threats made by primary school students are viewed differently than high school students.  Was this an isolated instance;  a spontaneous threat; or was it part of a pattern of harassment or bullying?  Does the student have the capability to use or have access to weapons?  Has a meeting been conducted between the parents of both students?  It is only after this process has been completed, is disciplinary action taken.  This process was carefully followed in the present case.

While we cannot discuss the disciplinary action taken, we can say the action taken was designed to prevent a reoccurrence and taken to preserve a safe educational environment.  The District takes the safety and welfare of its students as its highest priority.

"I think in a situation where it is public like that and they've said something publicly, there needs to be some resolution for the community to know there has been something done about it,"  Braswell said.

With the video having gone viral, one father feels for the child and her parents.

"I was scared for the parent of the child [who was threatened in the video] and scared for the parent of the child that made the video too," Mark Hoell said.

The mother of the girl being threatened in the video said her priority is making sure action is taken to protect her child. She also said she is very troubled knowing the parent of the child in the video is not taking things seriously.

News 4 has been unable to reach the parents of the girl in the video.

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