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Hillsboro school district reviewing policies following bus crash involving nearly 100 students

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The Hillsboro R-3 School District says they are reexamining their policies following a bus accident on school property involving nearly 100 students.

On Wednesday, a bus hit the back of another bus as they were leaving the primary school. The district described it as a minor accident but some students suffered bumps and bruises.

“Any time there’s an accident and students are hurt, you wish it didn’t happen but we’re using it   learning experience,” said superintendent Dr. Aaron Cornman. “In this instance we had some bumped heads and the nurse evaluated and handed out ice packs.”

He said that is their protocol and would be the same if a child bumped their head on the playground. But parents speaking out on Facebook said they believe EMS should have been called.

Cornman says they are looking into that.

“The district’s in the process of evaluating how we do things and it might be something we want to do is no matter what call EMS, so that’s a conversation myself and administration are having,” he said.

The other concern was that the children arrived home before the school had a chance to notify parents.

“It took time. Unfortunately it was a perfect storm of where we’re trying to get the info out, the kids are getting home, the parents are frustrated the schools not getting a hold of them,” said Cornman.

He said part of the problem was putting together a list of all the K-6 graders who were on the bus, compiling the contact info from three different lists and making the calls to only those who were on the bus.

They eventually realized that was taking too long so they send out a call to all parents that the specific buses were delayed and then followed up with the specific parents.

But Dr. Cornman says often times the contact information is out of date for many parents. He says this is a good reminder to update your cell phone and email with the district.

“I treat ever incident as if were my kid so I ask the parents to be patient with the district. If you have questions call and know we’re always going to error on the side of caution to do right by your student.”

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